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Friday, January 18, 2013

Hey…, What Ya Doin’ All Day?

You’ve got the question right? People who have never been out here for the winter just don’t know. They might think we’re clean crazy or they are envious.
Our days might not differ so very much. I mean Yours and Ours, but fact is we’re not bored in any way. If you are of the type who needs to be entertained all the time, you shouldn’d read on. Out here we are our own entertainment.

Here’s what I did today:
6.30am  out of bed
6.35am let Molly out
6.40am making the coffee
6.45-7.30am  reading emails and blogs
7.35am make the breakfast
7.40am having breakfast
8.00-8.30 walking Molly
8.30-10.15am shopping in El Centro
10.16am receiving a phone call from trucking company, solar panels are here
10.17am turning back to Holtville
10.45am arriving in camp
10.45-11.00am unloading solar panels
11.01-11.20am looking for a guy who had ordered solar panels
11.21am finding the guy in the hot tub and telling him ti pick up solar panel
11.22-12.00am looking for another guy but can’t find his rig
12.01-12.30am making and eating lunch
12.31pm-1.30pm resting
1.31-2.00pm continue shopping for milk and water in Holtville. 
2.01-2.15pm looking again for the missing guy
2.16-3.00pm having coffee and enjoying Bea’s home-baked cookies
3.01-3.30pm walking Molly and chatting with a neighbor
3.30-3.45pm looking for the missing guy again, but hopeless, can’t find him, has he left?
3.46-4.00pm checking emails again
4.01-5.00pm reading blogs and news
5.01-5.05pm talking to a neighbor
5.06-6.00pm resting (doing nothing)
6.01-6.35pm eating supper
6.36-7.00pm dishes… arrgh
7.01-9.00pm bonfire chat and gossip
9.05-10.00pm watching TV
10.00-10.05pm letting Molly out
10.06pm back in bed

And tomorrow…we’re gonna do it all over again – almost.

Any questions?


  1. Now that's our kind of day!!! Hope you find the guy and aren't stuck with the solar panels.

  2. Yes it is a tough life for sure. No need to be entertained all the time. We move about and maybe do a bit of local attractions. Always something to do and never bored.

  3. I could never keep records like that.


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