Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hey We Are in 2013!

I can hardly believe that it is 13 years ago, we’ve been standing outside a snow covered cabin in southern Norway looking south expecting the year 2000 to be of disastrous consequences in the world of data. And then it never happened – the disaster that is – not the year 2000, I’m sure you got that already.

Meanwhile, a lot of water has passed underneath the bridge. Even though not everything was good, most of it had brought us a piece further on the road where most of us are walking.

Some things are still the same: Prices keep going up, storms keep coming destroying whatever we humans have tried to build up and politicians are still….well what they used to be. Leave that one to you!

Out here the new-years-weather is warming up to a comfortable 72F towards the weekend. So for tomorrow we decided to visit a place we have been visiting in previous years – the Picacho State Rec. Area at the Colorado River.
It’s 18 miles of dirt road through mountains and canyons. There will be cactus and volcanic remnants from a time when not even the Mayans were around.

Guess we’ll shoot a coupla fresh pics and post them here.

And if you ever thought you could import one of these Chic German Motorhomes --- forget it. U.S. regulations have made sure that you won’t do it. Why? You’ve gotto deal with the EPA!

If you are interested in watching shooting stars you might want to check out this:

Thanks for dropping in here!

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  1. yup some things never change...but look where we all are :)...enjoy your visit to the rec area


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