Thursday, January 17, 2013

Does It All Go To The Dogs?

It’s not easy being a pit bull in Southern California. In fact, it can be downright awful. 200 pit bulls are euthanized everyday in Los Angeles County alone.

But one family of pit bulls is getting a new lease on life via a rescue operation known as New Leash on Life. The Newhall, California-based company is featured in the new Pet Collective series “The Litter,” and narrated by Sharon Osbourne.

The six male puppies and their mother “Hope,” are being chronicled on their road to recovery, including a live feed web cam where viewers can track their progress.

The Litter is the Pet Collective’s second such series, following last year’s season which focused on kittens and was hosted by Khloe Kardashian. The Pet Collective says The Litter “illuminates the needs of homeless animals — but also is enormously entertaining,” as we follow the dogs’ journey from the streets to their new home.


For a Florida man everything went to the dogs when his dog accidently stepped on the accelerator. Here’s what happened:

James Campbell, 68, had just returned home with Iris Fortner, 56, who had backed up to the driveway of their Florida Panhandle home. Campbell got out and stepped behind the vehicle to open the gate, and Fortner opened the driver’s side door to see where he was. That's when her boxer bulldog reportedly jumped in, landing on the vehicle’s accelerator.

The Florida Highway Patrol said Fortner tried to stop the van, but Campbell was already trapped underneath it. He was pronounced dead at the scene by officials.

In separate but related news, a New Zealand rescue dog trainer who has been teaching dogs to “drive” cars captivated millions of viewers last month. In that case, the dogs were strapped into modified car sets and were trained to step on the accelerator and brake pedals when issued specific commands.

Hopefully the owner wasn’t standing behind the vehicle.  ;-))


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