Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cold Days Are Underway And Do You Like Watching Commercials?

While we were basking in 75F yesterday, things were already changing farther to the North West. Tomorrow our temps will be dropping to 55-59, while in places like Quartzsite another 10 degrees down will bring temps to 45-47, which really makes me freeze. Today winds in the Imperial Valley will pick up to 50mph in gusts. We have to tie down the hatches and make sure loose objects are taken inside.

We have been thinking of taking a trip to Q-site, but with the wintry temps I have thought it better to stay put where we are. Q-site might be an interesting place in January, but hey, we haven’t come 3300 miles to sit around and freeze. Maybe after the cold spell is over we still decide to take off.
By the way, I am busy here building a box for our batteries. The box, build of angle aluminum and 1/4” plywood is 43” long and will ultimately give room for 6 6V batteries. It will be mounted behind the propane tanks on the tongue of the trailer.

The project kept me busy for hours yesterday and I have to continue today.
Have you ever been annoyed about the TV commercials on your screen?
I am disgusted about it all the time.
First of all there is the silliness of many commercials, this unnatural way of praising a product like the world would come to an abrupt end if you didn’t buy the product. I also wonder what the creators of these commercials think when they choose an actor looking like a phoney insurance agent. Or take the ever happily smiling girl trying to tell that you should call to make an order right now – and if you call within the next 10 minutes you will receive everything free of charge.

And you know what’s worst?

It’s the pharmaceutical products commercials. Have you noticed that they talk about all kind of possible side effects, about death and destruction that could follow if you take these drugs? Yet they always choose to show a happy couple wandering in the golden sunshine of a lush mountain meadow. How can they expect us to take these drugs? In fact, are they totally crazy to sell them? How come the FDA is allowing these dangerous products to be marketed.

Hand in hand are working the law firms. They are making a hell of a good living by suing the pharma industry for their bad products. Or so they try.

Of course all the commercials are sent out at a much higher sound volume
than the movie you had watched prior to the commercial. They want to make sure you are listening up. And if you are smart enough to mute it they even have captions on your screen. I tried to turn off these captions – it’s not working.  They keep coming.

But if you are really totally disgusted with the commercials you gotto turn off that TV and rather read a book. Or go visit your neighbor. Or talk to your kids/grand-kids. Maybe you can get them to stop playing a violent video game.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. We don't actually have TV here in Austria, and I don't miss it a bit. Oh, we have the device. Actually at one point we had two, but took one to one of my wife's relations in Slovenia. Now she has two.
    We only watch media files. Right now my wife is watching "Cold Case". Not sure what season she's on. On the weekends we'll often watch a movie together.
    I thought we would miss having TV, but we don't. When we're at home in Canada, I only seem to watch the Weather Network, and then shut the thing off. Too many other things to occupy my time.

  2. Thats a reason we very seldom watch tv, a good book is much better and no commercials too. Keep warm out there and hope it does not last too long.

  3. Batten down the hatches and stay warm...I too, hate watching commercials, thank goodness for DVRs.

  4. We're going to hitch up an brave it out. It's going to be cold here in AJ also so we might as well be out in Q with friends we haven't seen in a long time. I'm sure hoping it warms up and then you guys can wander up for a few days. Hate commercials. Hate them.

  5. We record most of the shows we watch anymore and just fast forward beyond those comercials.


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