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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Conglomerate Of Nations

They call it the German Corner now. Not even counting Reinhold and Jenny who, by now, have left the area, three rigs whereof 2 have German license plates, have found the Holtville Hot Springs. And funny enough they all gathered in the same corner. One couple has just returned from South America. Their Toyota 4x4, a model totally unknown in the U.S., carries a truck camper which is permanently mounted to the chassis. The other couple has been storing their rig, a 28ft. Class C on a big Mercedes, in the U.S. for 2 years now and have no plans to bring it back to it’s homeland. This year, they are bound for the Baja California. A third couple has come to the Hot Springs for years and owns a Canadian reg. Class A motorhome. They say it’s the last year they are here. But that’s not all, there is this couple from Austria, well they live in Canada, and yet another German couple from Canada. Both couples are here every year.
A Phoenix Motor Home on an IVECO Chassis
But there is also a couple from Portugal, who is actually living in Canada. And did I mention Paraguay and Brazil? They are all here.
Yep, it’s quite international out here in the desert.


  1. We met two couples from Australia. They bought a motorhome upon arrival because that was cheaper than renting one. Their idea was to tour the US. When they finished they were going to sell the motorhome.

  2. With all that international representation, you should be able to have a mini United Nations summit and solve all the world's problems . ☺

  3. You certainly do have a lot of nations represented there, gotta love the desert.

  4. Our RV park here in Desert Hot Springs is pretty much limited to Canadians and Americans with Canucks being slightly in the majority.


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