Friday, December 1, 2023

Congratulations Sir, You Got Osteo-Arthritis

 When a nurse or doctor had asked me, I always gave them the same answer: "No, I don't take any medications". And they all had seemed so surprised. A guy of my age not taking any meds on a regular basis seemed unheard of.

But that has now changed for ever. After another "night from hell", we both had gotten enough and decided to drive to Yuma for paying a visit to the ER at the Yuma Regional Health.

And we made sure we got there early in the day. Entering into the ER-unit itself was impressive. It was a huge waiting hall with maybe 7-8 people waiting in a space where there could have been room for hundreds.

Positive surprise right away!

After 30 minutes of waiting I was called in. I will spare you all the details, but this facility is the best hospital I have ever seen. Modern, well-equipped and stocked with friendly and competent people. I just wish my province of New Brunswick would sport something like this.

When the tests had ended, I saw my doc again and he had no really bad news (all the tests seemed fine) BUT the diagnosis confirmed what I had been expecting all along:

Sir, you got Osteo-Arthritis,

And there you have it. Cold and clear. Better adjust to it, boy or else...

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  1. Welcome to the 70's! ;-)
    Peter, really, it's quite wonderful that you have been spared for so long. I'm sure you'll find some good Rx to relieve your acute symptoms.... and as the adage goes - it could have been much worse. :-)

    Please take care.


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