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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

A Day Of National Importance

This will be my last posting on this topic. 

For 4 years the United States of America has been held hostage to a criminal government aiming all its efforts to destroy the pillars of democracy, to subvert decency and trample humanity. For 4 years the US has suffered a loss of credibility, of international reputation and leadership. We have heard thousands of lies, we have learned about bottomless corruption and seen the president hail white supremacy and racism and insult respected international leaders. We now have all seen the ugly side of America, the America many thought did not exist, until white men emboldened by demagoguery, started to harass minorities and turning Americans against Americans, family members against family members, friends and neighbours against each other. We have been witnessing how a single conman managed to kidnap a political party to further his private interests. The oath he delivered on the steps of the capitol on January 20 2017 has been violated so many times, culminating in the incitement of a violent attack on the halls of democracy causing multiple deaths and many injuries.

Tomorrow is the historic day when the disgraced conman is sneaking out of the White House like a beaten thief caught in the act, crawling back to the dirty corrupt hole he once thrived in.

Yet, it may be his only decent move he ever did, when he decided not to disgrace the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States of America with his presence. His quest to turn the US into an authoritarian country has failed, and democracy has survived. 

Tomorrow is the day when the entire world is letting out a deep sigh of relief, and Lady Liberty will put on a smile.

Tomorrow the US-Flag will again fly from our house and it will be seen again on Independence Day as it used to.


  1. It has been a long four years. We are looking forward to the return of sanity and rationality.

  2. Thanks Peter, I look forward to "us" becoming the "United States" again.

  3. I stayed up most of the night and woke up to see Trump leaving the WH. Hooray for that!! I couldn't wait to see them gone...they didn't deserve the attention they got leaving from D.C. in airforce one. Yes, we're still divided...even our family divided and still divided. I still love my family and some of my friends and know where they stand now. I'll continue to abhor the horror we lived through and hope it never ever happens again. Thank heavens the majority are like minded...democracy survived.

    1. Thank you Rita. It will take time to bridge the divisiveness of the past 4 years. But I am hopeful that the country will heal. As you said, democracy survived, and you got a couple of great new leaders.

  4. Ha! I've enjoyed your posts on the topic, as much as we've been dismayed with 45. Now we're looking forward. Hopefully we remain vigilant and make our system more robust.

  5. Whew.....Ahhhh...I can breathe again......


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