Wednesday, January 6, 2021

The US - A Banana Republic


In light of the ongoing happenings in Washington DC I had to refrain from continuing walking down our travel memory lane today.

This day was the ultimate embarrassment to the United States as a country and as the oldest democracy of the world. World leaders have condemned the rioters storming the US Capitol and with that the rhetoric of the President and many of his enablers. 
It is unfathomable that a horde of brainless Americans were able to break windows and commit crimes in the halls of American democracy. This was the darkest day of Trump's America, and it will remain a bad stain in the book of American history forever. 
What happened today conjures pictures of Banana Republics in South America, but unworthy of the USA.
Today the US was a Banana Republic. Let's just hope that this was the last volume in the book of Trump. May he rot in hell!

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  1. And may he take all his repukkkikan enablers with him... so much more than Hillary's emails...Lock Him Up !


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