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Monday, August 17, 2020

I Had A Chat At The Gas Station Today

Coming back from a trip to town, I stopped at the local (U.S) gas station. While the juice was filling my tank, a little USPS truck pulled up at the other side of my pump. After the postal worker had started his side of the pump I said to him: "Does the US-Post still have money for gas?" He turned around and started telling me that if I had read the news he needed to tell me that all the bad news about USPS being sabotaged was BS and that I should not believe it. All the Postmaster General was doing was streamlining the post and making it more competitive. It was only a ploy of the Democrats who wanted to siphon more money and that there was no postal delays whatsoever. And the blue mail boxes had only been removed when located in places where there wasn't at least 25 pieces of mail in it daily. 

I just grinned at the fellow and finished off my filling.

I had just met a Trumpian and I knew that no reason could sway the man's opinion. He was right and the entire mainstream media in the US was wrong along with every democrat and even a good portion of republicans.

It is mind-boggling being confronted with so much stupidity. And he was even proud of it.


  1. Ayyyyyyuhhhhh,welcome to Maine,home of former governor Paul LePage."You can't see the forest for the trees"

  2. with a close a relative working as the head cheese of the local post office, the fellow you dist told you absolutely correct info. Believe me, my Grandfather from Norway came to the US to get away from the communist BS in his day, the last thing we need is that same crap... We need Trump for another 4 years and longer if we can get him.

    1. Man-o-man, you are so full of sh*t and so dumb. Your grampa must have been drunk when he talked about communism in Norway. Norwegians drink a lot. But Communism never actually happened in Norway. But you, of course, wouldn't know that. Cause you are living in Trump's fantasy land. Might as well start to get used to it ending on January 20 2021.


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