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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

I Rattled Through Michigan And Ended Up In Pennsylvania

It was my very own fault that I had a bad night. It wasn't the cold weather, but rather the fact that a trucker pulled up with 25inches of space between my trailer and his rig, and then he went to rest with his giant engine running not more than 5ft from my pillow. My fault alltogether, as I shouldn't have parked in the truck area but over where the cars park. So at around 4am I got up and moved to the end of the parking area where it was quiet. Needless to say the bad sleep kept haunting me today as I was heading out of Michigan.

Speaking of Michigan I have to say that Michigan MUST be the state with the worst highways in the Union. Nothing but patchwork and potholes on those "highways". The moment I crossed the state line into Ohio the highway was fine. I can't understand how a state can let their highways deteriorate so much.

We did get a bit of snow last evening, but it had given way for rain in the morning. Today started out as a dull day and after some dry weather during the middle of the day it started raining again in Pennsylvania where I am parked for tonight in a little town's Walmart.
 Not my picture

Today I had to laugh as I saw a sign above the road saying "Dixie Highway".

That would be great to walk along with Dixie.


  1. Missed reading yesterday's blog. You were only Thirty Miles from us in Windsor but the fuel prices are cheaper in the US.
    No matter how often the roads in Michigan are repaired or rebuilt there are few roads anywhere as bad.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the rest of your trip home.

    It's about time.

  2. Walmart,Cracker Barrel,Home Depot parking lots are so much better than rest areas.You'll soon be home.

  3. My sister and I experienced the terrible roads in Michigan when we drove back together from B.C. This was in 2014 (I think) and I thought at the time that it had to do with the big downturn in the automotive industry. Especially as we were in the area around Flint, where there had been a considerable amount of automotive manufacturing. I thought the Governor (who is up for re-election) was going to, and I quote, "Fix the damn roads". I guess she didn't get it done. I just looked her up...she was up against a Republican controlled house of representatives. Now it makes sense.


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