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Sunday, February 16, 2020

From Spring To Winter

Without a droplet of coffee I left Bowling Green behind. A heavy cloud cover was hiding the sun, but it was dry and being a sunday, there was not much traffic on the highway. Not yet - anyway. It was still very early. 35 miles later I stopped at a gas station for coffee. Call me an addict, but I can't function without a cup of coffee. And it wasn't to be the last one for today. 

Today's goal was Grand Rapids, MI, a 495 mile stretch and the longest so far. Right north of Louisville, KY, I crossed into Indiana. Magically, gas prices rose from around 2.09/gal to 2.55/gal. I wonder whether that is all additional taxes by the state. 

Stopping again for more coffee before I reached Louisville, I noticed the warm air. "Springtime", I thought and got rolling again. But then I reached Indianapolis and suddenly the fields aside of the road were snow covered. I first noticed the change in temperature as I got out again - well yes, for another coffee. But the sky had changed as well. The dark clouds were long gone and finally I had a blue sky with bright sun. Wasn't I a lucky traveler? So far so good. 

I had reached the northern edge of Indiana at South Bend where Mayor Buttigieg is from. Nice guy by the way.
And then I rolled north into Michigan. The land looked very frosty and I had to crank up the heater a tad.

My AirBnB is in an old townhouse. Owner is absent, but keys were accessible. I believe 2 other dwellers are coming, at least I saw their luggage. I worried about parking in the street but there was no driveway to the house.

Tomorrow morning I will be heading into Muskegon to pick up our trailer. Getting the trailer ready for travel will probably take some time. Will likely stay in town before taking off for the home run.


  1. Good luck today picking up the new trailer,may you have more fair skies and dry roads.

  2. I discovered a few years back that I am in fact, addicted to coffee. Mostly when having to go for blood work, with the requirement being that NO FOOD OR LIQUID could be ingested beforehand. I'd start to get a headache at a certain point, until I'd go to the closest Tim Horton's for a fix. And I don't even really like Horton's coffee all that much, but it was close. Travelling though, presents a problem, as too much coffee works as a diuretic, and then I'm "in trouble". So there's no stopping for too much coffee en route. Happy Motoring!


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