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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

It Seems Silly But I Watch It Every Year

You have a favorite movie you simply need to see over and over again? I guess many people have favorite movies they have seen at one time and remember for years and decades. I have one too. It is Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacations. 

Ever since I saw that movie the first time (it was in Norway) I am addicted to it. Before Christmas rolls around, I look it up on YouTube and I have a wonderful time with this crazy American family chasing a dream of the perfect family-style old-fashioned Christmas. 

It is nothing but a persiflage of American customs depicting certain types of American behavior and so full of enjoyment and American Tradition.

The movie has its comical moments and the actors are giving their best. It's popular even in Europe and has made many families to start decorating their homes the American way. Some have even gone so far as to purchase light chains in the U.S. and installing equipment to change voltage from the European 220V to 110V.

The movie also emphasizes the romantic notion of a "White Christmas", and as a boy I remember the disappointment we always felt when we had no snow at Christmas.
On the other hand we had a hard time containing our excitement when snow finally arrived. Our European-style sleds came out and we were heading off to the next slope to have hours of fun, often returning home shortly before complete darkness. We could steer the sleds by putting one foot in the snow or brake it by using both feet as a brake. I remember mom coming with us once. We had one extra-long sled and mom was sitting behind me holding on to me in the front. The sled ran over a bump, made a jump and broke under us when it landed. Chevy Chase has a scene in the movie running down a slope on a metal disc. It always reminds me of my own experience.

Now that I am old looking back at those gone-by days, I am more than happy when we have a green Christmas instead of having to deal with all that pesky snow.
Image result for Alter Rodelschlitten
Are the kids still having such fun? Probably, even though they might have it with different type of equipment.
Enjoy the peace where ever you are!


  1. My favorite movie is A Christmas Story also a comedy. Ralphie and the triple dog dare. We even named one of dogs Ralphie. Of course I had to send my niece the infamous lamp on Christmas LOL as a prank gift. Second runner up is A Christmas Carol, then It's a Wonderful Life and last The Nightmare Before Christmas. Of course I watch others Home Alone, The Grinch that Stole Christmas and many more.

  2. I'm with you..never get tired of seeing that movie. It's always funny.

  3. I love White Christmas with Bing Crosby.

  4. Christmas Vacation is my Christmas standard as well. Cathie will watch it too, but prefers White Christmas.


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