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Sunday, November 10, 2019

I Almost Incinerated A Cake

Ask my friends, neighbours or family....I am a cake-man. I would walk miles for the right cake. And if it's Sunday and I have no cake I'm getting restless - until a decision comes to the forefront. I'm getting myself to the kitchen and start mixing cake ingredients to a dough. 

You guessed it. It's Sunday and I was outa cake. Some apples into it and raisins, topped off with a slight sprinkle of cinnamon. There it goes right into the preheated stove, set the clock to 40 minutes and relax. I know that cake, have made it hundreds of times. All good.

Then Bea's American relative called. We talked and talked. Suddenly I noticed a peculiar smell from the kitchen. 


But 40 minutes aren't over, there is the clock - 5 minutes left.

Arriving in the kitchen I have difficulties seeing the stove. Blue smoke is obscuring the picture, and.......MAN that smell. Something burns or what?

I run to open doors and windows. When getting to the stove I can make out a ring of coals. Geez...what's happening???

Gosh, my cake has turned into a ring of coals. I rip out the form, run for the outdoors.

The hot cake ends up in the garbage container. PRONTO! It will take a while to get rid of the burn smell in the house. 
Meanwhile, Bea has finished off her phone conversation. It's confession time for me.

Realizing I lost my cake, I grab the car keys. Next stop is the grocery store in Lubec Maine... They got some good stuff there.
Arriving at the US border the officer is asking the usual question about where I am heading. 
I tell him "we have a cake emergency and a bad smell in the house. I'm heading to the IGA in town". He's breaking down in laughter. Good for him.

I got a coupla nice pieces of cheesecake, which we then ate with whipped up cream. Sunday afternoon was saved. Now I have to scrub the cake form. Oh well...... 

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