Friday, May 3, 2019

Waiting For Bea

Dixie and I are anxiously waiting for Bea to return from her trip to Germany. Thursday she had to say a final Goodbye to her mom. My mother in law just turned 90 and she might pass at any time now. I have gone through the same with my Dad last year and I know how hard this is.

Bea has been at Frankfurt International since Friday night at 0:00 Hours. 

                                            Midnight at Airport in Frankfurt

Her flight to Montreal was not scheduled to leave before 9:55am, but even in Germany there was no public transportation to get her to the airport in time for check-in. Hanging around at the empty airport from midnight she decided to check in at 4am. There she was told that there was no booking for her on AC875, but of course, she had a copy of the booking in hands.

In fact, while I was checking her flight schedule on there was no AC875 logged or even in existence. I was quite alarmed.

Bea was further told that she would have to wait until an executive from Air Canada would arrive at 6am, so that she might be re-booked on a Lufthansa Flight to Montreal.

When said person finally arrived around 6am, she had to negotiate to be allowed on LH488. Luckily, the flight was not fully booked and space was available.
The plane lifted off at 10am and at this time Bea is almost across the Atlantic.

I will drive to St.John, NB in the afternoon to pick her up. Dixie is gonna come along and I can imagine there will be much pleasure for all of us to be re-united.

So why and how could Bea have been booked on a non-existing flight?

I can only think of one reason. When Boeing 737 Max were grounded by the hundreds, Air Canada might have eliminated Flight AC875 WITHOUT informing travel agencies and passengers.
Otherwise, I cannot even begin to understand how a computerized booking system can have passengers booked on a Phantom-flight. 


  1. Glad she will be Safely home soon. Enjoy the reunion.

    It's about time.

  2. Glad it's all working out and you'll soon be reunited.

  3. A good thing that was straighten out for Bea, now to enjoy the reunion.


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