Friday, May 17, 2019

It's The National Day Of NORWAY

May 17 is the National day of Norway and our Norwegian flag is out front. Like the flag of Canada it is a flag I am proud of and I will always display on official flag days. 
Today, many thoughts and memories of wonderful years come to mind. First of all there is the beautiful landscapes of Norway. Especially on May 17 the colours are so magnificent. Green meadows, blue fjords and skies and the blinding white of snow-covered high peaks and glaciers will for ever stand out in my mind. But it is also the way Norwegians are displaying their National unity, their pride of their identity. Instead of rolling out military vehicles they bring out the happy faces of small children, together with their proud young parents and smiling grandparents. 

They are singing their National anthem "Ja, vi elsker dette landet" (Yes we love this country) They have music in the streets and when the parades are over people go home meeting with family members, friends and neighbours to celebrate the day with the most delicious food. It is a day nobody in Norway would like to miss. In many ways, Canadians are doing the same as the Norwegians, which is the reason why both countries feel like home for us.

We congratulate Norway and the people of Norway to their National Day MAY 17!

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  1. Enjoy your day,Peter and Be.One major celebration occurs in Petersburg, Alaska also known as "Little Norway". The town is a Norwegian settlement and strongly retains its roots. The festival occurs the weekend closest to May 17 and includes a parade, Leikarring dancers, herring toss, Norwegian pastries such as lefse and even a pack of Vikings and Valkyries.


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