Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Migraine Struck Me Down For Most Of The Day

It began like any other morning. Starting the fire in the stove, letting out Dixie having some breakfast....and checking the morning news, which btw. is never good. As we have no snow on the ground the plan was to go in the woods for chopping down trees. But that turned out to be the bummer. My 15yr. old Husquarna was not cooperating. It started then died and so forth. I checked the carb over and over but could not get to the bottom of what was wrong. So finally I announced that I was going to take it to the Husky dealer for service. This saw has never been serviced by anyone but myself and it puzzles me greatly what could be wrong.

So, by 11am I was on my way south through Maine. The town of Machias has a Husky dealer and that's where I was headed. However, halfways there, I noticed what I am always dreading. My vision was flickering and getting blurry - a sure-fire sign of an approaching migraine. And I was right. Before I had reached my destination it got really bad. 

Turning back on the 45minutes drive home, headaches were starting to torment my right side. I tried to ignore it, but it was hard. 

Back home I just told Bea what was going on and disappeared upstairs in my bed. I felt freezing cold. Bea got upstairs and brought me a hot water bottle which I tucked away under the cover. With curtains drawn I slept a while, but then the pain was so bad that I had to throw up. Yes, Bea had brought a bucket as well!

I was fearfull that this was the onset of a flu attack. Didn't people die of this most dangerous strain of a virus? Holy...

Hours went by, Bea came again with a roll and something to drink and finally, daylight faded away. The pain had let up and still woozy in my head, I was able to go downstairs for something more to eat. Slowly I regained control again. I am most gratefull that it was NOT the flu and just one of the migraine attacks that I used to have from time to time, though this one being of the tougher kind.

Since I have no pictures taken today I have added a few of the last big storm just a few days ago. Those waves crashing onto shore at Herring Cove were at least 10-12ft tall! The noise was tremendous. 


  1. Take care Peter. Hope you are better.

  2. Hope you're feeling better and the weather begins to warm up soon .

  3. I bet Dixie sensed something was wrong .


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