Wednesday, July 20, 2016

We’ve Got Snakes In The Garage And Hares On the Lawn

We’ve seen them before, they were crawling around the garage, but they were shy and were hiding behind a board or some garden utensils, whenever we entered the garage. They are garter snakes, harmless creatures eating insects and baby mice. But when I opened the garage door the other day, one of them were hanging out of the rubber gasket on the bottom of the roller port.
I got out the camera and slowly approached her.
She was following me suspiciously with her eyes, but stayed put for the picture, like she couldn’t figure out what was going on.  I saw her again 2 days later still living inside the tube of the rubber gasket.

But there is other wildlife around the house. Our “pet-hare” has often been seen sitting directly outside of our rear entry door.
Mother hare does not seem to be too fearful, just moving away far enough so Molly doesn’t get any ideas.
Molly does show some interest in the hare, but she also knows that she won’t have a chance of getting to it. All she does is looking and doing a few steps towards the hare as it sits around chewing on straws of grass.


  1. Nice to have the friendly wildlife in your neighborhood, love to watch nature.

  2. Not a fan of any kind of snake.


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