Thursday, July 14, 2016

And When The Fog Is Rolling In…We Take Some Pics

It was the last day with my friend Alain and his family and we feel sad that they are leaving tomorrow morning. They became family in a heartbeat and we don’t know when the next meet-up will be.

Trying to make the best of this last day we visited the Roosevelt Park in the morning. The next thing was a Whale Watch Tour where they actually saw one whale. It was a beautiful day with calm waters, yet they felt the coolness of the Bay of Fundy. We then all gathered on our porch and enjoyed a blueberry pie with  ice cream. But there was more. We took them to Liberty Point where we were all-of-a-sudden looking into the fog.
Now, the strange part was that there was fog AND sunshine at the same time, which made the landscape into a surrealistic backdrop I had never seen before. When we crossed over to Mulholland Light we saw more fog but also more sunshine. 
1-DSC_0664 1-DSC_0669-001
Our last stop was Friars Head, a viewpoint high above the Passamaquoddy Bay.
While Friars Head was still sunny we could observe a far-stretched band of fog along the eastern shoreline. The fog looked like a big greyish roll threatening to cover the entire island.
1-DSC_0676By now we all got hungry and our next stop was the Golf Course Restaurant, where we all ate way too much.

Thanks again for stopping by.

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  1. What a wonderful way to end up a nice visit with an old friend.
    Sun and fog is an interesting bit of scenery for sure.


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