Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Sounds Of Wind

It’s another windy day in late fall and I was walking with Molly down the street when my thoughts wandered off several decades.
I was a young boy then and it was fall again. The harvest was already done on the wide open fields. I was running along the edge of a field. It was bordered by a long row of trees. A strong wind was going through the bare tree tops making a strong sound, almost like an organ would do.

I heard that same sound this morning and I got to think about the different sounds of wind.
You ever heard a breeze going through an aspen tree? Actually it’s the leaves hitting each other making this gentle sound. Increasing wind force will alter the sound. I have heard winds going through high grass making a cautious swish. When I am at the beach I hear a different sound again. It mixes with the beach-crashing waves. Spruce and pine trees produce a very special swishing sound at high winds. Hurricane-force winds and winter storms are scary howling monsters.
As howling winds can be scary other winds f.ex. at night can have a very soothing effect on the human mind.

When looking up “Sounds of Wind” on the Internet I found a variety of You Tube videos about the topic. Here is one I found especially interesting as it has been recorded in the fall. 

Wind intensity determines the level of sound we hear, and I find it amazing how the human brain can associate certain sounds with our remembrance of experiences a long time ago, like me running across a field in Northern Germany fifty years ago.

Would be interested to hear about your own experiences with Sounds of Wind


  1. Not so sure I'm in tune with the wind but I certainly love the sound of crashing waves.

  2. So many wonderful memories that seem to crop up over the years.


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