Friday, November 20, 2015


Years ago we lived in a rather remote place in Alberta. We didn’t have immediate neighbours. With “immediate” I mean folks living next door property. The neighbours we had were several miles away, yet we knew them very well and still have contact with some of them.

When we settled again 5000kms to the east we met with entirely different neighbours. First of all our property is 7ac versus 120ac in Alberta, which means that we now have neighbours “next door”. After a while we found out that our neighbours split into 2 groups, those who live on Campobello year round and those who are summer residents. Summer residents leave the island when the summer is over. We made great friends with our summer neighbours. We visit with each other, we have a chat along the road, and occasional we help each other out with something.
We also love our permanent resident neighbours. Some are retired, some are semi-retired and some still work every day. And yes, everyone is helping out when help is needed.
It is a great little group of people here and it made the transition from a 120ac spread to a small 7ac property much easier. It also helps that it is very quiet out here. Traffic is very limited, especially during off-season.
It is also a very safe place to live, a place with no crime.
As we have gotten older we have grown more fond of having neighbours close by. And I think it might have to do with the fact that we felt more independent, more self-reliant when we were younger. Most older people appreciate a close and friendly neighbourhood both for social and practical reasons.

1-DSC_0414         Our quiet neighbourhood 

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