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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

HELP!!!! I Got Stuck On My RV-Roof

We had another very warm day but this time with high winds blowing out of the south-east.
After some brief shopping I went out to our trailer to get the fridge started. The plan was to have it cold and ready for our moving tomorrow. Also I wanted to connect the solar panel to my batteries. For that I had taken a ladder along to get on the roof.
As soon as I entered the roof and connected the power cable I heard a big bang. Turning around I saw my ladder on the ground – flat on the ground that is. A storm cast had blown it over.
I looked around – but there was nobody to help me getting the ladder back up.

Several times I considered to jump, but it seemed too dangerous. So then I pulled out my phone and called the site owner who was somewhere else on the large property. But he was busy with a customer and it took about 15 minutes until someone else popped up.

Sitting on that roof was a bit hilarious for me.
Had enough opportunity to contemplate things. The wind was indeed so strong that the entire area looked more like a dust storm around Yuma,AZ. It was pretty bad.

With the fridge running on propane I left for home.
Tomorrow we will leave this great place where we have been very comfortable most of this winter.


  1. Well that was a fine how do you do. Glad you weren't up there longer than you were. Sill made me smile though while I was reading it to Joe.

  2. Good thing that there was someone close by and that you had your cell phone, you could have been up there a very long time.

  3. I am betting next time you will have a rope on the ladder with the end with you all the time:)


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