Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Musical Excursion

This headline might already have led you to believe that this posting would be about me writing about some fancy musical experience. Well, that is not gonna happen.

It’s just that I was assigned a bus trip to the City of Edmonton driving a youth orchestra to a major music competition. Over the 3 days of being the driver of this bunch of talented young folks I have been directed to drive to various city locations, bus loaded to the brim with music instruments and their personal baggage. We even had a 2. bus with grade 10 students as well.
With the evening arrangements both evenings in the city ended close to midnight. First night I was able to spend at home, but Bea was not thrilled picking me up at the hotel at a late hour, so the last night I stayed at the hotel. Since this hotel doesn’t provide any form for breakfast, Bea came over at 7am and got me home where she had everything ready. I even got to walk with Molly.
Yesterday evening was spent in the city centre where all the glitzy high rises are. The Alberta symphonic orchestra gave a concert for all contestants. There were at least 20 buses from British Columbia in the west to Manitoba in the east, and all surrounding streets were lined with our coaches. A couple of Manitoba drivers came on my bus and we exchanged wild road-side stories for more than an hour to make time pass. Bus drivers are sure of the most sociable kind of humans I have ever met.
Weather in Alberta has been outstanding. Mornings are still chilly, but day highs are in the mid-teens C (sixties F) With only one more week as house sitters, Bea has started to assemble our belongings and started cleaning the place. Life will change again after April 24.

Thanks for following along.

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  1. The busy fun life of a charter bus driver, glad you enjoy it.


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