Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Quick Update

Campobello is going crazy!
Have you ever participated in a Marathon? Maybe you have, but probably not in a Marathon crossing International borders.
The Fundy Bay Marathon is going to start in Lubec and has a 10 mile course within the U.S. and a 26mile international course. The amazing part is that expectations estimated about 200 runners to participate, as this is the very first time this Marathon is arranged, but this coming weekend Campobello is going to be “invaded” by 800 runners from 37 States and 17 countries. With accompanying family and friends approx 5000 people will get into our area. Accommodations have been booked solidly all over southern New Brunswick and “downeast” Maine. There is not a bed to be had this weekend. Restaurants are going to be “packed” and we’ll probably see a traffic jam we’ve never had on Campobello. Talking to a neighbour who has lived here all his life he said that this will be the biggest crowd ever since the Queen Mother had been here in 1967 visiting the Roosevelt Campobello International Park.

Hopefully I can come back later with pictures of the event


  1. Stock up on groceries and hunker down.
    We had the Vienna Marathon go by twenty meters from our front door every June. One year we went away (unplanned) which worked out just as well. The thing was that the subway was still available if needed. But if you only have one way on or off the island? Stock up. Have fun.

  2. Yep stock up and enjoy all the action, great publicity for Campobella.

  3. I would stay home and watch all those people from the safety of my window. That's like a whole town invading your beautiful island.

  4. will be a great people watching weekend...stock up on groceries, beer and sit back and enjoy!!!


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