Saturday, February 9, 2013

Whoa What A Wind

From time to time it’s getting pretty windy in this area. It’s when a storm low is moving in from the west or north-west. Wind speeds can reach 40-50mph. And today was such a day. With small breaks our trailer has been rocking from early to late.
When you have a dog you know it has to go outside from time to time. It doesn’t matter whether it’s hot or cold or downright nasty outside – you’ve gotto go.

I had my walk with Molly in the morning. It was cold, but the sun was shining as most of the day. Bea went out in the afternoon and had our NIKON with her. She took pictures of the wind, well at least you can get an idea of how much wind we had.

1-DSC_0035    Molly01

Molly    1-DSC_0036


Thanks for being with us!


  1. It does get pretty windy across that desert at times. I guess we have to choose either the snow or the wind. I'll pick the occasional wind.

  2. Like Wanderin said, I will take the wind any day over the cold and snow.
    Hang on to you hat!

  3. We had wind at Havasu as well and a bit of rain. Doug calls it a 4 inch rain. The rain drops are 4 inches apart and last for about 4 minutes.

  4. It blew pretty hard on Friday morning here as well. It's better this morning though - hope it is there too.

  5. Was windy here but only for a very short time. Don't like driving in high winds though !!

  6. was there any carrot cake to be had with all those carrots ???? Yes the pie was to die for and well worth the venture...


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