Monday, February 4, 2013

Beautiful Days Are Here Again

The powers of winter seem to be broken. We are enjoying gorgeous warm days again. Today’s high is supposed to be 79F (about 27C), which means I won’t be sitting in the sun. (but under the awning it’s very comfortable) And with warming days  we are thinking about spring, spring flowers and green grass. It’s gotto be our northern upbringing which has induced those feelings.
Even though we don’t have snow and ice out here, but the colors of winter in the desert are kinda bleak. Next month we want to go over to Borrego for a day to enjoy a ride along the blooming desert. In fact we saw the first yellow flowers coming up along Hwy 95 after the recent rain. To check on the status of spring flowers at Borrego Springs you can click here.

Recently we have seen new followers climb onboard here. Welcome to the show!

Al and Kelly have developed their “plan B” and it involves selling their motor home privately. We have done that as well and I think it’s a good idea. We can all help them to find a buyer for it by putting a little ad on our blog.

Next week the town of Holtville will again celebrate their “Carrot Festival”. We are looking forward to see their fancy parade along Main Street.

We are delighted to read about Sassy’s recovery after her major illness a few weeks ago. And I won’t be mistaken if I say that she’s not in need of running her generator anymore. Just look and see what she’s done. Way to go, Sassy!

It’s time to take my coffee, hang in there and thanks for dropping by!


  1. It sure is nice having these beautiful warm days and not have to run a heater at night. The flowers in Borrego should be beautiful!

  2. Gotta love that nice weather returning. Enjoy.

  3. As soon as we finish lunch, I am out there sitting IN that sun. Feels so good. Love your pictures of the flower. This ought to be a beautiful spring in the desert with all the rain this winter.

  4. LOL Peter. You're funny. But yes, I do LOVE the extra batteries but won't really benefit from them until I head North and experience several cloudy days in a row. Then I'll LOVE them even more. Will be getting the bike out of the hauler tomorrow so that is major progress !!

  5. Anzo Borrego is on our list next month. However, you know how in concrete our lists are. Thanks for the link for flowers. I'm heading to it in a minute.

  6. I'll be watching you now guys. ;)

  7. enjoy the warm weather!! Love the new header photo!!

  8. Thanks for the plug Peter. Much appreciated. We hung around in Borrego Springs a few years ago to catch the Spring flowers. Henderson Canyon Road east of Borrego Springs is a nice flower drive. It runs off highway S22 on your way into Boreggo Springs, Follow Henderson to Borrego Valley Road & hang a right out into the desert. Careful not to pick any oranges or lemons off the many orchard trees though. Road might be a bit bumpy once you get past the orchards but no problem for your van, just tighten your seat belt a bit. Lots of flowers out there plus a great scenic hike up Coyote Mountain called, Alcoholic Pass.


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