Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Another Member of “Boondockers Welcome” is visiting

They came from Massachusetts and are heading towards Nova Scotia. Jim and Claire parked their “Chickee” Toyota Camper right below our house. If you wonder why their camper is called “Chickee” I tell you what Jim told me. Once when they were in Florida they learned that the Seminole Tribe called a little house a Chickee, a small chicken coop. Since Jim and  Claire had been looking to put a name on their 21ft. camper, they adopted the Chickee name and got the lettering put on the side.
Of course, (how could it be otherwise?) we made friends with them. Somehow boondockers are a “breed” of campers we have never experienced any trouble with. The general interest of living a free camper life without all the “supply lines” like power, sewer and water always connected seems to go along with an open mind towards meeting other fellow campers.
Interestingly, Jim told me that he had problems “matching” us with our big 40ft. Diesel Pusher. With other words, hadn’t he seen the motor home he would have expected us to camp in a smaller travel trailer or small class C.
And it occurred to me that we sometimes send out the wrong signals to our surroundings, and that that can easily lead to misjudging. But that also means that we should not expect to meet a millionaire just because he arrived in some fancy rig. Not always is the price of things meeting with our expectations.

We still had a few days of bright sunshine, even though the temps have dropped slightly. But tomorrow we will get some serious rain, at least that’s what’s in the forecast.

Thanks again for stopping by!


  1. Nice to have the visitors, and like you said looks can be deceiving.

  2. How fun to meet people that you end up enjoying being with. And thank you so much for my Molly fix. That picture is just perfect.

  3. I can relate to the small rig image. Since we have swapped the big rig for a small rig, we have had several boondocking experiences that we would never have had in the big rig:)

  4. I do know exactly what you mean by 'judging' etc. Personally I'd much prefer to have a smaller rig - BUT the bike is the most important thing for me and I hated towing.

  5. So happy to see the true intent of www.boondockerswelcome.com is being fulfilled - it's as much about meeting fellow like-minded RVers as it is about saving money on camping fees.


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