Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 30 American Memorial Day
Lubec by the harbor
Finally HOME

It is amazing that we almost have reached the end of this long journey. In about 2 1/2 hrs. we will see our house again!
We are feeling exhausted. 7 days of driving means a lot to our bodys. For the last time we ready the coach and then we are leaving Bangor on I-95 north. After a few miles we are going onto the Coastal Route towards Ellsworth. Like a sailor being 
shore-bound for too long, I am eager to see the ocean again. Can’t wait to see the shores and smell the powerfull salty scent of the sea.
It must be my upbringing in a small fishing town which has led me back to the ocean. Then all the years on the Norwegian coast… we are what we are and cannot deny ourselves for too long.
Ellsworth is what it used to be, the town is busy, even today on the American Memorial Day. 
Shopping at Walmart goes on, like it always does, though, thanks to the early hour, there are no line-ups at the cashier yet.
Good old Coastal Hwy 1 is as bumpy as I remember it, and as we have to go slow, it’s gonna take some time. We are passing Gouldsboro, Milbridge,Jonesboro, Machias and finally the turn-off to Hwy 189 to Lubec. The U.S. Border comes into view. They are just checking on a passer-through, but I am ascending the International Bridge. 500ft to our Campobello Island! The sun shines and the sea beneath is blue, blue, blue! From the  top of the bridge I can see the Canadian Flag of our border station. 
The female officer asks me the usual questions and I answer them in turn. Then I am released. In the mirror I can see Bea stopping behind me.
When I am pulling up the last hill to our house, the tension leaves me. It’s sitting there, Red and white, in the middle of the green lawn, our house – our summer home.
Alarmed by the noise of the bus engine, neighbors are sticking our their heads. I see one coming towards us with her dog.
We are greeted like long-lost kids. Before we know it, a chocolate cake is delivered to us. Somebody had had birthday and there is the half of the cake – spared for us!  Great neighbors!
I look around. The grass is high and needs mowing. The apple tree is gonna bloom in a very few days. It’s hot in the sun and we have a high humidity. Down below the Passamaquoddy Bay. A red freighter has anchored up there, probably waiting to access the harbor at Eastport on the American side.

 In a short moment I can see the whole summer awaiting us.  And there is something more. Today, 24 years earlier, I married my wife in a small 700 year old Norwegian church by the sea.  May 30 in 1987 was as bright a day as this one. People were especially friendly that day. Strangers were waving to us as we came down the road in that old red 1928 Chevrolet Convertible. Memories of yesterday – coming alive today.

Today I have an old red Convertible in the garage. We are gonna use it tonight to drive to Lubec having supper at the new restaurant which was started last summer. What goes around – comes around!

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  1. It was back in the mid 80's when the wife and I vacationed in your area, we spent four nights in a little campground in Lubec. I think the name was Sunset campground, but what I remember the most was the camp owner told us about a working fishing boat that on Saturdays took out the lady from the Save the Whales Foundation. we went down to the docks and found the Seafarer and for $20 dollars he took the wife and I out with them.
    After seeing a ton of whales and listening to them, they had an underwater mike to record the whales, he took us out to a couple of different lighthouse's, to the giant whirlpool, we saw half a dozen Eagle's nesting and a lot of other stuff. We ended up spending close to 8 hours out on the boat and had a fantastic time.
    The next day we spent on Campobello Island, I think we walked out to a light house at low tide and picked enough berries to feed any army. We're hoping to be back in that area within the next year or two.


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