Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 26

Back to Canada

Well, we didn't make it to the border today, but almost. Michigan is way too pretty to rush through it. The ride along the south shore of Lake Superior was  -- stunningly beautiful. 

A bridge over a creek and it makes for a beautiful rest area 
With a deep blue sky all day the scenery invited for stopping here and there. And once we are stopped we always must have a bite, something to drink and walk Molly, like here along the creek.

Besides, the wind blew strongly out of the north east which forced us to reduce our speed to between 50 and 55 mph. (80-88km/h)  

When coming down to Marquette,MI we saw the great lake for the first time. The wind produced a massive surf gleaming white in the endless blue of the lake.

When we stopped east of town and got out, it was chillingly cold. 
Lake Superior in all its beauty

Another thing we noticed in Michigan were all the neat and pretty farms and private residences. 

Yesterday I was writing about higher fuel prices in Michigan. Today we were up for a surprise. The farther we traveled east the lower fuel prices got. So it can't be the taxes. Could it be that gas stations are ripping us off? I just ask.

When coming along Hwy 28 we came through Christmas. Christmas is actually a town up here. And as to emphasize their name the people of Christmas have put up a huge Santa in their midst. Bea caught THAT picture from the bus window.
Santa Claus at CHRISTMAS, MI

When the afternoon came Bea started looking at the map for those signs indicating a rest area. Just east of the town of Strong we found a very nice National Forest Campground on Soldier Lake. The little lake is right in the center of the campground, which also offers a picnic area for day use. The fee is $16.00 pr/night.

The sites are back-in sites and we found one long enough to accommodate our entire rig with trailer. After we had set up, we went on a walk around the lake. Choke Cherry trees are in full bloom and when we got out of the wind it was downright warm. Molly loved the hike too --- no wonder after a long day riding with us.

Tomorrow we have only some 30 miles to the border, so you can safely assume we will get back into Canada.

See you here tomorrow!

Soldier Lake in the Hiawatha National Forest

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