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Sunday, October 23, 2011

What are they doing?
Remember I was mentioning Bea's problems with her Thyroid gland? Well, we are still waiting for an appointment with a specialist. It is now weeks ago that a request for an appointment was sent. And nothing is happening. Somebody is sitting on his hands again. The limitations of the Canadian Health System? Or has that become a problem in all universal health care systems over the world? 

Whereever money is changing hands private medical centers can offer appointments in no time at all. But private clinics in the U.S. tend to be outrageous expensive as liability insurance accounts for a major part of the costs.

Now what about Mexico? Mexico's health system is way cheaper than in the U.S. and probably even in Canada.
Has anyone experience with such a problem in Mexico? We'd love to hear from you, as we might consider to escape the lengthy wait line in Canada. And we are not even waiting for a treatment but a simple diagnosis, which may be done in a single day.

We can foresee that it will take another month or even more after seeing the specialist until the report of the specialist will be available. Then more appointments for possible can take years. 

It makes us angry as it puts everything on hold. We'd love to try the Mexican alternative if there is any.


  1. Wow we so feel your pain and can relate to your frustration....have you tried calling the specialists office to see how far down the 'waiting' list you are for an appt...Rick was referred to a local surgeon in June and we didn't hear from them so I called the specialists office and she dug through a bunch of paper and found his referral and gave us the appt for Oct 5th I think it was Sept I called to see what was going might be worth a try the squeaky wheel gets the grease..good luck

  2. Mexico might be an alternative worth pursuing. I can relate to the being angry when you are told to just put your life on hold for 1 month , 1 year, 2 years nobody even knows the time frame. At my age there are not that many usable years left and we don't want to waste them sitting on the bench waiting to play. The house is looking good Peter I love the rap around porch

  3. Do you follow Kevin and Ruth?

    They spend the winter in Mexico and I'm sure they could give you some good ideas of what the medical situation is down there.

    The house looks wonderful.


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