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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Today we had the most rainy day in a long time. So, consequently nothing much happened around here. Nothing else than me being absorbed in blogland. I have long since been interested in being able to take pages from my much older website AMERICAN-TRAVELER.COM and simply copy and paste them into this blog. That idea met two obstacles. First the old website was recently transfered to a new server. These guys simply erased the web content because nobody has been looking at the site for a while. That made me pretty angry. After I had re-loaded the website from my back-up files (thanks God I had them) Via FTP that took a lot of time today. 
Secondly the formatting of the old website was much wider than the blog. So I had to implement a few changes to the blog. We just try this for a while then see how it works. The following content is about:
The La Sal Mountains
Remnants after a wildfire
Beautiful Fall Colors in the La Sal
The La Sal Mountains are Utah's second highest mountain range. They rise impressively above the red rock canyon country of Southeastern Utah. The range contains 6 peaks that rise above 12,000 feet, the tallest being Mount Peale at 12,721 feet. Covered with thick aspen and fir forests and dotted with mountain lakes, the La Sals are a cool oasis within the often difficult environment of the surrounding desert.
Numerous trails in the La Sals provide good hiking, biking and horseback riding opportunities from late spring to mid-autumn. In winter, the same trails are put to use by cross-country skiers and snowmobilers. The beauty of the La Sals can also be enjoyed by simply driving the La Sal Mountain Scenic Route.
The La Sal Mountains are located on the eastern border of Utah, about 15 miles east of Moab. They occupy a relatively small area, running just 15 miles north to south and 6 miles across. They are most easily accessed from the west on the La Sal Mountain Loop Road that begins south of Moab.


  1. We didn't do the loop road but I got a couple of pictures of the La Sal's while we were there. They are beautiful.

  2. Utah is definitely on our list of places to visit. We always hear so many good things about it and it is also right up our alley with all the hiking trails and beautiful scenery. Thanks for sharing.

    Kevin and Ruth


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