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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The last 500km
Starting this morning under a blue sky from Saskatoon I drove the last 500km to Cold Lake. Even though it was only 5 hrs. I fell tired before reaching the well-known pastures north of the North Saskatchewan River. I remember I could drive without ever getting tired --- some twenty or so years ago.  But that is gone, along with a lot of other things and abilities. I really missed driving our motor home and it's comfortable amenities. These one-tonn trucks have a pretty stiff suspension and with a variable road standard I felt all the imperfections of Canadian road engineering. But the bumps and dips must have kept me awake.

Driving through the town where we used to live since 2002 was a shocker too. Not only is the housing market on an expansive rampage, but the road construction as well. Or what do you think of a 4-lane highway in a town which a couple of years ago had a mere 12,000 people?

Anyway after tomorrow's Sunday Service I have to run errands around town on monday, and that will keep me busy for a good while. 

Can't show you any pictures as I forgot to take the transfer cable for the Canon. But they will be posted after my return. Didn't have too much opportunity to take pics underway, as keeping the rig between the ditches was of the 1. priority.

Take Care!


  1. Now can you rest a little bit. We need to do more of that as we "mature". Just can't hang in there like I used to.

  2. Glad to read you are there safe and sound!!!! Now try get some rest superman!!


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