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Thursday, October 13, 2011

North Dakota and beyond
Had a great ride from Fargo in to Underwood,ND yesterday. Visiting good friends along the travel route has always been a highlight for me. We went to a local restaurant and I followed the recommendation to try the Chicken Alfredo, and boy was that ever good. By the way I wonder how that "Alfredo" name came into being. Was it Alfredo who invented the reknown sauce? 

It was good to have a 2. pleasant night in a real bed. So be sure I slept like a baby. But I couldn't log onto our friend's network. My laptop just wouldn't do it. COMPUTERS!!

So this morning I left at 8am and was heading north on US 83 to Minot where I did an extra round through town, because my GPS-girl was slightly confused and led me around the wrong turn. Eventually I made it out of town and the Canadian border was coming closer.

The border crossing at Portal didn't make any trouble either, so before I knew it I was on the Saskatchewan prairie, which today was shrouded in dark rain clouds letting occasional showers pour down on me.

After hours of driving in the rain I finally got into Saskatoon's rushhour traffic. What a fun!  And typically the road was full of racing lunatics. The mentality of big city folks. But since I had been in Saskatoon several times before I kinda knew which lane I should be in to make the next left turn. 

So now I am with another couple of friends living out in Pike Lake Provincial Park, a true natural treasure.

Again, I have managed to get myself tired out and looking forward to hit the matrass.

Tomorrow I have a full day of rest, before I take on the last bit of the drive to Cold Lake, Alberta.

Tonight my trip teller shows 4500kms.  Since I used 4.5 days for driving, that is exactly 1000km (620miles) a day. At 60mph it is a little more than 10hrs driving pr. day, plus coffee breaks.

See you later and thanks for keeping me with company on this trip.

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  1. wow that was a large day for you!! No wonder your tired...stay safe out there....


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