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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Follower #27 just climbed on board. A hearty WELCOME to JUDY and her pet EMMA. And Judy put a truly wonderful picture on the top of her blog. Love that Judy! Judy has had looong problems with the braking on her rig, something which is now attributed to her electronic mother board. Oh my...

The big Garage clean-up
Had to do it. After all the work this summer there was a sh*t mess in that place. Tools, screws, wood chips, nails all kind of other stuff was piled high.
And my two toolboxes looked like a sandbox. Starting with  my old-style fold-up metal tool box I simply turned it upside down. Clatter, clatter and a mixture of all kind of tools, wires, electrical connectors, tape rolls, drillbits…..well that is enough to tell, piled up on the floor
I started with the small wrenches, then the midsize and finally the big ones. Everything was cleaned and put back in a separate compartment.

I did the same with my plastic tool box. But no wrenches got into this one. I kept the yellow plastic box for smaller hand tools, many of them being screwdrivers of different shapes and sizes.

When that was done I took on the workbench. H*ly crap what was all that here. Took me a full hour to sort out and throw away.

By that time it was noon and time for lunch. Opening the fridge I realized that it needed a refill pretty soon. So I decided to take a trip to Machias, ME for shopping,
But then I thought of the apples out there in our wilderness. I should probably check whether there had come down more of the delicious red ones. 

I picked a full shopping bag! 

And while I was out there in the jungle, I also looked out for blackberries. There was still a good deal of them, and they were so ripe that many got squashed when I tried to pick them, the juice running down my hand.

It was still early afternoon when I was done, and by no means too late for the trip to Machias,. So off I went. On my list of errands was also a visit to an appliance dealer. We have a peculiar problem with our LG cooking stove. Whenever we want to prepare something in the stove with a higher temperature than 350F a melodious cling cling comes from the stove and it shuts itself off. Error message reads F3. I have an F and a 3 on my laptop but that’s got nothing to do with the F3 from the stove. Looking into the manual it says sensor defect. Hallelujah… So obviously I had a good question at the ready when I entered the appliance shop. Those guys looked in their computer a good deal but kept shaking their heads. LG is a difficult company to get parts from. And likewise their products are difficult to repair as well.  Hallelujah again. AND it takes quite a while to get parts.
That was all I needed from that side but I promised to give them a call if we decided to go ahead with ordering.

After I went from A to B to C I had it all together and went homewards again. However, before going over the bridge I had to stop by Marthas for her delicious 12-grain bread. It is always a pleasure to meet that friendly lady in her little old-fashioned shop. I will miss it greatly when being away from the Island.

When I finally entered home again it was almost supper time and Bea had made a fish chowder. Yummy.. Even more yummy was the desert… If you want to know what it was check it out.

Painted Canyon

When being in Holtville we received the hint about the Painted Canyon.
Today we are driving up to Mecca, CA for exploring the Painted Canyon Road.

Via Brawley we get to Niland then from Mecca we take Route 195 which first leads through lemon and wine plantations, where we pick ripe lemons by the road, then winding up trough the Mecca Hills Wilderness. The road is rough and for 4WD-vehicles only. We proceed to the end of the road, where a trailhead starts off through the inner part of the canyon. The bottom of the canyon is a wash and probably very dangerous in unsafe weather conditions when huge amounts of rain will be flooding through the canyon.

Painted Mountains

The road is rough and the sign at the entrance 
teaches us to watch out. Besides the road we find 
scenic washes with the typical desert vegetation.
After a few bends we find a sign to the "Ladder Canyon 
Trail". Of course Earl and I cannot resist and have to climb
 up the narrow trail. We have to climb over rocks and go 
up a few ladders. A deep rock mill is supplied with a 16ft ladder. 
The pathway between the walls is partially narrowing down 
to 4ft only. The path is mostly sandy with some stretches of gravel.




  1. You men and your tools. Jim had to part with one drill and it about killed him to leave it behind. What an amazing canyon.

  2. That canyon is pretty incredible!

  3. Sounds like you got a fair bit accomplished. Hope you are able to get that stove fixed up. Love fish chowder!

    Kevin and Ruth


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