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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Made in Germany
Not that I need it or can't live without it, but the print: "Made (or produced) in Germany" makes me pay attention. And today was such a day. As I wrapped up my stay in Cold Lake and a very good friend took me along to Edmonton, she stopped down-town in a store known for it's imports from Europe. When customers come here you can be sure of hearing a variety of European accents. 

It is a store which made me hungry (maybe I really was) the moment I entered. German sweets and candy, mouth-watering German cold cuts and cheese from several European Countries, and canned preserves with known German was all there. I had no intention to buy anything, but just couldn't resist the German-made Schwarzbrot, the Marzipan from L├╝beck and the glass of Pflaumenmus, which actually originates from Italy. Back in the car I managed to stuff it between my baggage and here I am in an Edmonton hotel room having my hungry eyes rest on the Schwarzbrot package. 

But hey, we just emerged from the IKEA restaurant in Edmonton South where I enjoyed Swedish meatballs. And that really was a good ending for my stay in Alberta. 

All I have left to do here is rest until 3am tomorrow morning and catch the shuttle to the airport an hour later.

So then I am out of here. The last two days have been incredibly busy with errands all day long. 

Flight tomorrow is keeping me going all day as well, as it stops in Toronto and Montreal, before coming in at the St.John Airport in New Brunswick. The ride home will be another 2 1/2hrs. Passports please. Yeah... alright. Sigh.

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