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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Fury of a Storm
We have had "leftovers" of Florida hurricanes coming up north here, but nothing was or is comparable with what we got today. The storm came out of the North-West, while the rain came from the opposite direction. 

At around 5pm the rain had stopped and I drove down to where the ferry lands in the summer. Even though the water had started to recede the sea-weeds were thrown way up on the roadway. When looking at these pictures you got to know that this is not the open ocean, but the Passamaquoddy Bay towards the U.S.-Coast. 

Being down there I discovered a load of 1ft-wide pine floor planks about 6ft long, somebody had dumped over the edge. I couldn't leave them there!  Instead I drove home and fetched the trailer. Down again I went and picked up the best of those planks.
Back home, I set them in a pile to dry out. Next year I might run them through my planer, and who knows what I make of them.

While all this bad weather went on, Molly decided to take a looong nap. Good gracious... She hardly moved all day.

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  1. Really nasty weather! On the other hand, Molly looks a lot like our Poppy when she's laying there sleeping. So cute!


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