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Friday, October 28, 2011

It's still early...
the house is quiet, Molly has gone back to bed after trying the cold outside and I am just reading a few of my favorite blogs.  Coffee is made but it is still dark outside. Those fall mornings and evenings can sure feel long.
But as AL writes this morning the good with the cold weather is actually getting inside a warm house, sitting in a comfortable recliner and enjoying a cup of good old coffee. Weather forecast for Saturday speaks of an approaching winter storm with rain and snow. That is kinda early for this area, but monday is supposed to be sunny again. How nice. Checked the weather prognosis for next week along our route and it should be in the green alltogether.

Bea has been working the kitchen yesterday and made food for the next week and beyond. Fresh veggies and such cannot be taken across the border to the States, so she cooks it and puts it into jars.

The list of tasks for today includes putting some fiberglass mats on the inside of the basement door. Even though it doesn't really get too cold out here on the island, but I am storing some water-based latex paint down there and I don't want it to freeze.

Water lines will be drained on Sunday, plumbing antifreeze will be put into the P-traps and the washer, and power will be shut off on monday morning. Have a nice winter, HOUSE, we'll see you in the spring.

Next week will be a travel week for many of the RV-bloggers. In fact many snowbirds are planning their departure these days and we pray that all of them are reaching their destination without accidents and those nasty breakdowns which can occur. We sure had a few of them ourselves and know what kind of hassle that is.

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  1. Have a safe trip south. Before we sold the house, I always worried about it being alone in the cold, but not enough to stay with it:)

  2. So much fun - planning and getting ready to head out. You drive safe also.


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