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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ten States

Maine, New Hampshire,Massachusetts
I started Sunday at 8.30am from Campobello. 3hrs later I was just south of Bangor,ME I had a flat tire on the trailer. Good thing was I stopped before it started burning and flying away in pieces. A call to the CAA turned out useless as a Premier RV-membership does not cover a cargo trailer!! But, I managed to fix everything myself. Took off the wheel, unhitched the trailer (I was in a rest area) and found an open tire shop just a few km back to Bangor. 150 Dollars later, I was back and put the tire back on. The delay was a mere 2 hours.

Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana
Driving in the East can best be compared to eating sphagettis. There are hundreds of roads, which on the GPS-screen sure look like a bunch of sphagetti draped on a plate.  Without the GPS I would have been lost and probably been ending up somewhere down in Florida. Also the traffic, man, that is something else. How long ago that I got myself in a Stop-and-Go? I don't remember. It seemd like millions of people were underway in their vehicle and that was the day BEFORE Columbus Day! But the weather was simply phenomenal. Days high was 28C.
Pennsylvania was shrouded in full autumn colours. A true feast for my old eyes.

I kept driving long into the dark hours, then stopped and curled up in the trailer. I made it into Pennsylvania. Next day I started very early before sunrise. Pennsylvania, Ohio, then Indiana. Reaching Elkhart after dark, I spent a night in a Walmart parking lot. Got something which looked like food from Walmart, after that I went to the sleeping compartment in the rear.

Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota
Today's drive was a long one, I think the trip-teller hit the 3500km today. A little bit of showers, than sunshine and a cloudless sky when going through Minnesota. I passed through the last toll road obstacle as well. Must admit I lost the count somewhere in Indiana, but looking into my wallet there are at least a hundred dollars gone missing. :-))

FARGO,North Dakota
Tonight will not be spent in the trailer as the driver needs a clean-up and a full night of sleep. When looking for that Motel 6 I accidentally bypassed it (what was I doing??) and ran myself into a tight spot with no turn-around. Why can't they put up signs with f.ex. NOT OUTLET or NO TRAILERS?  Well, I backed up again and around a tight curve until I eyed a spot (the driveway of a restaurant) where I could turn. Sometimes it pays off to have a few years of experience with trailer driving.

Anyway, I am done. Good night folks. Tomorrow's post will be from Underwood,North Dakota. And yes, i phoned home and all was well.

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  1. I'm tired just reading about all the driving you've been doing. Get a good night's sleep - you need it.


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