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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Being a Busy Bee
It started right after breakfast - the running back and forth between the Motor Home and the House. Bea wanted to move the kitchen stuff, so she got busy in that department. I was starting the day with removing 50lbs of books and magazines from the Motor Home. We had either read them or they weren't worth reading. Also a couple of drawers got scrutinized for old receipts and papers. Then I looked into the tech stuff. Where was the Mifi? It sure wasn't in the box. A question to Bea beginning with...WHERE IS.......? solved the riddle. More to come!

Kitchen Department
I checked the fridge and surprisingly that brother ran beautifully on propane. They always run on power, but propane is the challenge! Also the furnace was tested. All interior lights were working as well. Don't want to sit in a dimming 1-light bulb environment, you know. Mental Note: Check the water heater tomorrow.

In between I ran inside and phoned the Freightliner shop in Bangor. Couldn't get an appointment for monday as our southern neighbours are too busy with running around as dead bodies or even full-blown skeletons on Halloween- monday. Kinda childish - I think. But what damage does another day do? None at all. After all I had just jumped of the stay-at-home-all-winter thingy and nothing can destroy my optimism now.

Bea asked me to check all the junk which had piled up on the top shelf of the pantry. My black Cowboy hat, tucked away in a plastic bag, lots of empty cardboard boxes, (remember the modem and the extra speakers we bought..) then I dug down to the plastic containers which always seem so handy, like the one from the Hard Salami and a margarine box - all washed out and super clean but oh my, so useless, when new containers coming in after every shopping spree.

When I was done the place looked downright empty --- that is until Bea entered the coach hands full and ready to fill up unused space. Know that thing? Yep, that's what happens. I haven't shown her the seemingly empty baggage compartment underneath yet. Gotto wait until I got the chairs, tool boxes and such inside. Whatever is left might be filled up by Bea's hand.

Called the AMA travel insurance company too or should I say tried to...picked a few phone # from the member magazine, all marked off with AMA Insurance. First guy was onto permanent health insurance. Wrong department, next guy thought about I need an auto insurance despite I had said the word TRAVEL INSURANCE. Are you listening?  Wrong department again. Next number I hit pay dirt, I got Sandra on the phone. She made it all up again and the travel insurance is now a fact. Nice lady and we laughed a lot together. As it turned out I had a senile moment and had forgotten my phone # whereas she told me she recently forgot her residential address.

Onto another insurance: This time our liability guy from the CAA New Brunswick. Suspending insurance for our convertible for the winter went smoothly as a butter scotch.

Headin' down the Highway is what RV'ers do
Next phone call went to the phone company. Suspending our phone subscription was kind of an ordeal again. That little girly wasn't born in any Canadian neighbourhood for sure, and English wasn't easy to learn for her. And now it was a bit late was it? But finally I got through to her. As a reward she put me on hold for 10 minutes just to get back to me the moment I was ready to end the call. All she said was that she had "processed" my order. At least that's what I got out of her. We will see next spring whether we still have a phone connection. :-))

Tell ya, I was kinda exhausted after all that squabble. 

Now we have a kitchen divided between the house and the coach. You can read Bea's account of it if you like. Always good with that second opinion.

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  1. That is a lot of work to get underway:) Makes me wonder if I could go back to that if we quit full timing.


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