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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Under soaring Eagles
With temps reaching 22C (72F) we had what probably is gonna be the last outing on the island. Note: I did not say THIS YEAR, cause we could have many more under a southern sky if everything works out. 
Bea made another Apple Cake and I had the idea to invite two neighboring ladies to Con. Robinsons Point in the Roosevelt Park. Isn't it strange that a coffee taken in wonderful surroundings tastes so much better? Not to speak of the Apple Cake! And indeed the peace and the view of the beach and the ocean beyond was a major ingredience for today's last get-together. Another thing which happened was the soaring eagles right over us. They were circling and circling and looking down on us. Bea tried to take a picture, but didn't have the telelens with her.

We had an absolutely marvelous time out there. 
It will be a very good memory until the next summer invites us out again. And tomorrow we will have even higher temps, but then I am "on the road again" with the day's destination set to a place in New York State.


  1. I want to have eagles soaring over my head. I can't believe you have to make such a detour south to go west. That's a looonnng drive.

  2. It's always nice to catch a perfect day so late in the year - looked like a great day for small picnic!


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