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Monday, October 31, 2011

On the Road Again

The D-day of  our departure is finally here. The last thing to do is shutting off the power in the house and hitching on the trailer. Neighbors have come by to say their fare wells. Oh yeah, they wouldn't want to miss the show. The street is clogged with vehicles, but who cares. This Campobello and Island-Time!
Yesterday's storm is over, the sky is deep blue and the air pretty darn cold.
The storm did some damage on our bedroom awning as it  almost tore loose the entire fabric. I had to get the ladder, climb up there and remove the fabric. We're gonna get a new one down in Yuma.
Coastal Highway 1 
Checking the lights on the trailer, it turns out one side is not working. After some wriggling, turning and tossing I find out it's the minus connection to the tail light. Ok, that can be fixed.
Funny looking red-leafed Blueberry fields in snow
 The orange warning light "WAIT TO START" has gone out, the engine has warmed up and we are rolling. Down at the border the CBS-officer is nice as always. He doesn't even look into our fridge. We do not have any fresh veggies or fruits, thanks to Bea's busy cooking.
Still fall colors in Maine
 As soon as we get farther inland, we see snow along the road. The remnants of yesterday's storm.
First stop today is the Walmart in Ellsworth,ME. We need to stock up on groceries and Bea gets a new pair of shoes. I wonder how long those are holding up. Made in China-land!! Where can a guy get a decent pair of shoes today, tell me!
An hour later we are in Bangor. It's only a few miles down I-95 and we turn off to Dysarts Truck Stop. We fill up with Diesel at almost $4.00/gal and also get 15 gal. of propane.
Traveling companion
Our usual spot is again available. How often have we been here? I don't remember, but it is very convenient to get to the Freightliner service facility next day. We back into our spot beside two gigantic mobile homes, still on a trailer.
It's blog-writing time!

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At Dysart's Truck Stop just south of Bangor


  1. We recognize those Bangor Scens from our summer visit. We were camped not to far from the Freightliner place.

    Safe travels!

  2. Looks like you had a great first day of travel...stay safe..wish we were running behind you guys :)


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