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Monday, October 3, 2011

October 3

Monday, Monday...  (The Beatles)
We are right in the middle of a period of rainy days which will last until Thursday. Apparently another of those crazy hurricanes, Ofelia, has been running up north, and even though this fellow stays out at sea it has caused and will cause a lot of rain. Newfoundland which is kinda sticking out East from the Canadian mainland has been getting the wind as well and as far as I have heard, the storm has caused a lot of damage there.

Yep, it was a dreary day over here. It's kinda hard to get up in the morning when everything outside ist still pitch dark. But of course that doesn't effect Molly. Nope, Molly has an internal timer which tells her every morning that NOW it is time to get aired out and get on with the morning business. 

So then I throw on my morning coat, try to find my slippers without waking up the wife and cautiously descending down that staircase without squashing Molly, who is following tight behind me. And on mornings like this one I can be seen, standing in the morning robe shivering like overdue autumn leaves, letting Molly cross the lawn repeatedly for finally finding a good spot to put her pee. Geez, as if it would make any difference. Think of me, standing here, freezing...and getting wet in the descending mist.

Finally she will return to the door. Back in the kitchen she just stands around staring at me. What? Anything else you want? Of course, I forgot....her morning cookie. So then while I start the coffee maker, Molly finds her way back to the stairs ascending up into the bedroom and MY BED!!  There she will snore away for another hour, while I am reading what my preferred literary blogexperts in blogland have been using the previous day for.

Today it took a while until the rain subsided enough for me to re-enter my shed-building project. But then I found out I needed several lengths of drip-edge. So I called the Hardware store in Lubec to find out if they had any, which it turned out they did. So, I got into my truck and drove to the border.

"Whoa you got the big one out today" was the first I hear from the CBP-officer. 
And here is our ensuing conversation from today:
Me: "Yes, and it is for sale", and I am holding up my home-made "for-sale" sign. 

CBP-Officer looking curiously through the open window.: How much are you asking? 

CBP-Officer: I am  looking for one but it needs to have a front bench so I can have room for six people"

Me: It is registered for 5 only. 
At this time I have received back my passport and start rolling away. 
I hear him shouting behind me:
"Maybe I should get rid of the wife".
I am shouting back " Or get rid of one of the kids". 

Nice border crossing!

During the afternoon hours the rain diminishes into a falling mist and I get out and on top of the shed. By the way neighbours were frowning when they saw the building.
"You call that a shed?" In their eyes this is not a shed but a shop. And whatever it is I couldn't care less, it is a place which pretty soon will be filled up with all kind of junk. Why do I bother to build something for storing my junk. No answer.

Anyway, I managed to get the roof shingled which was a good thing as the tar paper had let through a stream of water last night. With that Ofelia storm around I have a good feeling about my new shed or shop.

Have a nice rest and stay out of trouble!

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  1. When it gets cooler in the mornings, our girls' clocks get set back a bit cause they don't like to get up either. And Jim is the lucky one to have morning duty around our house. Making great progress on the shed/shop.


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