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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's a GO!!
I wouldn't be surprised if you have heard my sigh of relief, but the doc sent us packing. Bea's problem needs to be monitored in a 6 months interval. Meanwhile we will be enjoying the south. No urgent need to stay means also that her problem is not considered to be a major one.

So my work with cleaning out the baggage compartment wasn't any waste of time, after all. Tomorrow we will be running back and forth like ants loading the bus.
Cholla Cactus
Departure is now scheduled for monday with a stop in Bangor,ME for the annual oil change and lube-service on the bus. By tuesday afternoon we will be cruising down I-95 with our destination Holtville,CA. Right now the desert temps are still frightfully high in the upper nineties. We don't need that, do we?
In the Yuma Dunes

A hearty thanks to those of you who have sent prayers for Bea. Seems it helped a lot.

See ya tomorrow and thanks for stopping by!


  1. I think when faced with the alternative, I could suffer desert temperatures in the 90s.
    Only a guess.

  2. Great news. And that desert warmth may just do wonders for both of you. It sure is for me.

  3. A load off your minds, no doubt. I'm glad for you!


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