Friday, April 7, 2023

Wow, It's Cold Outside, Baby!

Today, we have been on the road for 9 hours. From Freehold we went to I-287, following it to Newburgh,NY. Via Danbury,Waterbury and Hartford,CT we made it through MA and finally NH. Since it was a bit too early in the day to camp out at the NH Liquor Store at I-95 we went into Maine and finally stopped at the Kennebunk Service Plaza. When we got out, we were shocked to feel the cold. Gone were the blooming trees, any sign of green and the general feel of spring time. Instead we got a strong blustery cold wind from North-West. It was time to break out Long-Johns and winter clothes.

From 29C and beach life at Norfolk, VA to freezing cold blustery Maine in a few days

Every year we have the same negative experience when returning from the south. Spring time is still far off, and generally behind the calendar.

Good thing we stocked up on propane and water 2 days ago. We also found a dump station today and got rid of some dead weight. So tonight we run the propane and stay toasty warm.

Tomorrow it's another 6hrs on the road and we'll be home. The house will be cold, but we will start a wood fire in the stove. We'll also turn on the power and the water pump. 

I must mention that we also have a lovable neighbour who's gonna wait with a delicious welcome-back supper for us.

And it is Easter!  HAPPY EASTER to everyone!


  1. Sorry we missed you and the weather is a bit cool,however we have some warmer temps coming this week....welcome home

  2. Another winter adventure for the books! :-)
    Congratulations on a safe (though chilly) return. It will
    be warming up soon enough as the rebirth of Spring returns. E-N-J-O-Y!


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