Monday, January 23, 2023

The Weekender

Again the Weeks are flying by and already it was a weekend again. Our neighbours had gotten news about a car show being planned in Calexico.

But before it was time to go, my neighbour Ron and me had a little project going. The headlights of our van have been showing their age with yellowed and scratched plastic covers. For a long time I had thought about how to revitalize the dull plastic covers, and now Ron had suggested he would take care of it. 

He instructed me to buy some sand papers of 1000 and 3000 grit. He began with the 1000grit until the surface of the plastic was completely dull. Continuing with the 3000 grit the surface was now prepared for polishing. Ron has a small electric polisher and when he was done the covers appeared to be beautifully clear and clean.

The finish, however, was a headlight varnish, carefully applicated with a piece of foam. Now, my headlights really looked like new. It sure was an amazing transformation and it saved us hundreds of dollars for replacement lights.

Shortly after 1pm we took off for Calexico and found the show on the parking lot in front of the "Cardenas Food Store".

Maybe we got just a tad disappointed as there were only 3 old cars from the fifties, while the rest was modern Mustangs, late model Hondas, one Porsche and a Lamborghini, nothing of which interested us.

Below: A special lowrider 

While us 2 men were still wandering up and down the parking lot our wives had entered a Dollar Tree store where we found them busy browsing along the aisles.

The rest of the day was spent in camp.

Sunday morning brought very low temperatures in the early morning hours. The little bird bath Bea is providing, had a solid layer of ice, and for the first time I was wearing my thick jacket on our morning walk with Dixie. But as it was very sunny it warmed up quickly to about 65F, though we continued to feel a cool breeze all day long. At least, it kept the flies away.

In the afternoon we received an invitation to attend to a camp fire. The hosts were Karl and Cathy from NY States. They have by far the most beautiful site here at the Hot Springs LTVA. Their place is always raked gravel, they have a small cactus garden and a really beautiful lightshow around their trailer. Karl has also made a gorgeous burn barrel of a  washing machine drum. 

The side is decorated by drilling holes showing a variety of different pictures, illuminated through the fire. A real piece of art.

We spent 2 hours with the small group until it got a bit too chilly.


  1. Nice campfire,enjoy the ice on the bird bath....we have another foot of snow coming down today here in Maine !

  2. Sounds like your days are filled with wonderful adventures! Thanks for sharing. :-)


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