Thursday, September 22, 2022

What Has This World Become?

 At 70 years old, I still had the hope that my world would not collapse in an all-out-war. Now there might be left remnants of that hope only. And a year ago, when I spoke to my wife about how our generation looked to be so lucky not to see the results of a terrible war, at least in our part of the world, I had no idea what was about to come.

The Russian tyrant sure managed to turn the events of this world around after February 24. And of course, nobody knows what status awaits us "at the end of the day".

But the recent months are also giving us a picture of how a dictator could have taken power right here in North America if right-wingers would have gotten their will and destroyed the (fragile?) American democracy. And THAT fight is still not over.

Right now, we read about how the "former guy" has subverted the rule of law for his personal gain, riling up his often uneducated followers and dividing a nation to a point that it is questionable whether it will ever heal again. Mind you, if you check back on my postings of 2016-2020, I wasn't too far off with my predictions. 

I know we've lost what we thought were friends in the process, but that couldn't be helped, and I am not sorry for that.

Much of the happenings between 2016 and 2020 which are now getting unveiled, have been caused by following Putin's playbook. Remember a 2-hour talk between Putin and the former guy without having any witnesses present? 

Headlines at the time:

Trump can't stop praising Putin

Trump: Putin and I have had some very good talks

Trump-Putin Summit: Closed door meeting of Trump & Putin

We can only hope that whatever there is left of judicial capacity will prosecute the guilty ones to the full extent of the law.

And here is what should scare the most: 
If "you-know-who wouldn't have been so profoundly stupid, he would have succeeded with his plotting. Fortunately enough, he screwed himself, and today he is in a holy mess. It remains to see whether there is enough brains left in the GOP to finally get rid of the guy or whether they prefer to follow him to the bottom.


  1. You're absolutely right Peter. They really weren't friends if they don't respect your opinion. I have family and friends who worship the orange idiot, but are still family and friends.

  2. Sadly, it appears that the republican party will continue to follow the former guy all the way down the sewer. Their latest plan will raise pharmacy prices, ban abortion in ALL cases, and do away with social security and medicare. The level of stupidity is just profound. We're fairly depressed about the whole thing. If we were younger, we'd be leaving the country.

  3. Just wondering how you guys made it thru the storm, Fiona. Hope you 3 are all safe with no property damage. Maybe you will do a blog about the experience and let us know how things went on your island. Linda


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