Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Eagle-eyed And Happy

 It's a week just a week ago that I went through my first cataract surgery, and yesterday I went from being cock-eyed to eagle-eyed. 

We left home at around 10am and arrived St. John almost an hour too early for my appointment. Traffic had been light as we had avoided the dreaded St.John rush hour.

The procedure was a repeat of what I had a week ago, but I had considerably more fun this time, thanks to a highly attractive "young" nurse who engaged me in conversation, while being in the waiting room. She was quizzing me about Campobello Island and I think I could have packed her in and taken her with me home, hadn't it been for Bea who was waiting for me outside. 😁 Assuming she was a student, I finally I asked her about her work and how long she'd been at that hospital. "2 years was her answer, "but I was also 13 years at the Regional Hospital". 

-------  So, no student? I wondered, but loudly I said "That cannot be, as you are hardly old enough!". 

She broke into a laughter and asked me to guess how old she was. I took a good look and, being cautious now, I said "35ish".  She almost broke down with laughter and from across the room her male colleague shouted, "You really need your eyes done".

When she told me that she actually was 50, it was my turn to be surprised. Could this be true?
Oh well...

Everybody had a heck of a good time on my mistake and we ended up laughing alltogether. But I swear, she looked 35.

Better underestimate a woman's age that overestimate it, I thought.

So, you understand that waiting time was just a lot of fun and I was sorry to see her leave, as she had had a long day starting at 6:30am. 

I was the patient # 14 and the last one of the day, and 15 minutes after they had brought me into the theater, I reappeared - eagle-eyed!

Except for reading, I do not need any eyeglasses anymore. It is the most amazing thing I ever experienced. After 63 years of wearing glasses it suddenly was over.

Today I went across the border heading to the Dollar Store in Lubec to find myself a pair of reading glasses. They will carry me over until I can get prescription eyeglasses 4-5 weeks from now. And while being there I also got myself a brand new pair of sunglasses. 

This morning I looked into the bathroom mirror and I saw a strange face there I could not recognize - a guy I had never seen before appeared in front of my eyes. 

I need to get used to myself now, I guess.

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  1. Make certain on your follow-up appointment you get a letter confirming that you no longer require Glasses for driving and you will also need to get updated pictures for your Passport. It's a real blast being able to now get Sunglasses off the rack.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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