Friday, June 5, 2020

A Cold Fog Is Moving In

It's finally June and we can wake up to better temperatures and a sunny sky. In fact, we've had quite a few beautiful days already. 

Taking advantage of the nice weather, I have been working on our greenhouse project and as you can see in the picture, it is coming along quite well.

But I wanted to tell you about something different. 
On this beautiful morning I decided to take Dixie for a beach walk. Arriving at the water, I threw off my outer jacket, leaving just my light hoodie jacket on.
Dixie had a great time running back and forth exploring beach treasures. She found 2 bottles she could bury in the sand.

We made it to the big root, when I noticed the darkening sky and saw that cold wet fog was moving in from the south. We turned around and then it got really cold and dark. We were both glad when we had reached the van again.

And then it hit me that something symbolic had been happening. The fog had been moving up the coast from the U.S. and it was telling me about the increasing political and mental fog America is being swallowed by. A fog that has darkened the country to a scary landscape where contours and landmarks are vanishing. What once was a great prospering happy country is becoming a nightmare of violence and division where basic rights are violated every day.
Civil disobedience has become a word with 2 different meanings. When armed protesters enter a capitol building, they are called "very fine people", but when others protest against police violence and racial profiling, they are called "terrorists", even though they carry signs instead of guns.
When mercenaries and troops are being turned against their own citizens and the house of the president has to be guarded with armed Soldiers, the country has been turned into a South American Banana Republic, where the person supposed to be a leader, is hiding in a bunker instead of speaking to his people in a calm voice. 

The fog is also threatening to hide atrocities against the constitution committed by the government. 

The fog is preventing people from realizing that their democracy is vanishing before their eyes.
When the president announces that free speech should only be allowed to his supporters, the speech is not free any more and violates the 1. amendment. The president wants to rule in a one-party system. It's the system they have in Russia. The violation of the constitution is complete and people's minds are stuck in a deep cold fog, where they have problems finding directions as they have lost their compass.

Now, I realize that these words could be spoken from the pulpit at church. But make no mistake, the church has to stay completely separate from the government, which is also stated in the 1.amendment.

Leaders who pose with the bible in hand in front of a church are already on the way to subvert freedom of speech and religion. 

Fog in our area is usually occurring when the wind blows from the south. It will only lift off when the wind starts blowing from another direction. 

Let the wind blow from another direction in November. Meanwhile, use a compass to find your way. Don't get lost in the fog.

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  1. The greenhouse is beautiful...nice job ! Orange idiot is out of the bunker today,aaayyuuhh,,,up here in Guilford,Me. telling all his foggy friends how great the unemployment figures look...I'd have gone up to protest but not sure I wanted to risk being assaulted by U,S military to intimidate protesters.


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