Saturday, December 7, 2019

Getting Into The Christmas Mood

It is 10pm and I am standing outside in the cold wintry air. The ground is white and crunchy. Up ahead is Dixie looking for a suitable place for her last business of the day. She likes to have someone with her. I think she is a bit afraid of the unknown lurking in the dark. When she is out alone in the dark she tends to bark. I think it is a form for anxiety, an attempt of letting anyone know she's there and "don't you dare to come near me".

The sky above me is clear, sparkling stars are visible and there is a part of the good old moon. A slight breeze is standing off the bay, makes me shiver. Behind me our Christmas decoration lightens up the porch. I can feel's getting Christmas. 
We have gotten another year behind us, I am now older than my Dad was when we got married. The old man is gone now and he may be looking down from somewhere up there among the stars. I am sure he met mom again there as well. "I am here guys and I am Ok. We are doing alright and we love you".

Dixie is back with me and starting towards the door. I let her in, switch off the Christmas lights. It's time to go to bed.

Dixie climbs on her bed, waiting for her Good-Night Cookie. 

On her bed
Yes, she always needs that. Then she lays down for the night.
Some times I think she is a human in disguise. The way her beautiful eyes look at me, or when she comes to me burying her head in my lap, telling me "it's time for our walk Dad" and she lets out a soft groan. "Dad, I want to walk now".  Then we go for a walk along the beach or take a forest trail. She is always off-leash and she stays in sight. And if she ever is too busy to sniff up a scent, and I am way ahead of her, she suddenly realizes the distance and comes running after me. 

After 4 dogs, Dixie is the 5th. I have loved everyone of them, and cried out my eyes when they went across the rainbow bridge. Dixie will be no different except that it is getting worse every time. I am scared of time passing so fast. Didn't we just get her? Wait...that is now more than 2 years ago. November 11 2017 we picked her up in southern Maine.
First Pee Stop after pickup in 2017

She was so tiny and so scared of the long journey from Arkansas. But our love made her what she is today - well except when she is outside in the dark, I guess.

Sleeping peacefully after the long journey

Now that the ground is white she is hard to see in the snow, so we tie an orange neckerchief around her neck. Dixie is also very good with other dogs. She always wants to play. Our neighbour's "Ollie". a tiny Yorkshire, has no fear of Dixie, and yesterday Dixie met her friend "Beau" a heavy Retriever, on the beach. Her array of friends is always getting bigger. "Sammy" a black labrador is another great guy to play with.

Yes, Dixie is a big girl now. At 83 pounds I cannot lift her anymore.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Dixie is as tall as you are,sure has grown.
    "Perhaps they are not stars in the sky, but rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy".

  2. The insecurity of Dixie in the dark will soon disappear as she becomes more acquainted with her surroundings.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Not so sure about that. We had a yellow lab once. He did the same every time he was outside in the dark on his own, and he was already 5 yrs old and had been living in that place all his life. We will see how it goes. Dixie is 2 yrs now.

  3. What beautiful furry friend and family member Dixie is. We have five little recue dogs we adopted. All have a story behind them. Yes, it is very hard to loose a pet. We adopted a stray kitten 15 years ago, she had four kittens which we kept. Mother cat and two of her kittens have gone to heaven. We have two cats left and pretty much inside cats. We include our pets in our annual gift exchange. In all between three families, we have nine dogs and seven cats. I've already bought one gift for a dog and one gift for a cat. We each get a dog and a cat gift. Tonight our five dogs are going with us to the Christmas light parade. We'll leash them up and put them in a wagon to haul them around. They are real good when we travel and obey commands. They love to get out among crowds and enjoy outdoor events.

    1. Kara Peter..
      Vad en vackert saga. Var bra for dig och Dixie. God Jul och Gott Nytt Ar til dig och Beatrix och Dixie! :-) Vi ses i 2020. ♡♡♡


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