Sunday, August 4, 2019


Inciting violence is a crime in most civilized countries. Not so in the United States of America, where the president is the main reason for increased violence directed against colored and foreign-origin minorities.
Paired with the brain-washed American public and availability of guns for everyone, it has become the reason for why America is going down fast and why so many innocent Americans have lost their lives.

And like with every new mass-killing, government officials are stumbling over themselves to express their "thoughts and prayers", distancing themselves from all those despicable villains who are just following the advice of their so-called president, their "Messiah-in-Chief", to kill as many people as they can. 

The press is having another field day with their headlines, the social media is brimming with postings about the latest mass-shooting, and soon enough it all will drown in the daily mire of other problems, until the next despicable act is happening.

Meanwhile "Moscow-Mitch" is blocking one house resolution after another from being voted over and living good on all the bribes he's stashing away.

It's WAR in America and YOU, who voted that criminal moron of a president into office, are guilty as charged.  Period!


  1. Overshadowed by the spectacular mass killings is the fact that 80 to 100 Americans are shot to death EVERY DAY. Leave out the suicides, and the number is still something like 40 or more. Every day. (Much as I'd like to lay all of this at Trump's tiny feet, it has been going on a long time.)
    Here's a new analysis I've come up with: American children under the age of five have shot and killed more Americans this year than have been killed by Isis, Al-Qaeda, and the Taliban so far. Combined.

    1. Of course, we all know that mass shootings and general killing with guns has been a daily occurrence for many years. Yet it obviously doesn't help when the political leadership is spreading and endorsing violence against minorities. It is a fact that shootings and general violence has spiked sharply since T-Rump is spreading his vile messages.

  2. So long as military assault firearms are readily available and so long as the gun culture is the norm in America more innocents will be killed.

  3. War in America, you say? Not so fast Mr. Think-You-Know-It-All. The shootings/killings all began long before Trump came into office. School shootings started in California, back in 1989. The RACIST crap started back up and escalated during Obama years.

    If you were smart, you would do a bit of research about the shootings. They are not happening because of “gun freedom rights here in America”. I truly encourage you to study them all. Start by looking at the ages of the shooters… you’ll not have to go past the ages to figure out the problem is actually a generation which parents lost their rights to discipline, schools lost the pledge of allegiance to our national Flag, and God was kicked out of the minds of the young ones leaving them to grow up with Dysfunctional behaviors leading them kiddos into drugs.

    You see, America is a nation where we endorse rights of its people. Our problem is people who believe they are ABOVE the laws of our land, believe they can come to our Country and make demands, and push us into being like their homelands. Many Americans do not want our Country to be like the Middle East or like South America, or even like Mexico or Canada. We want our Country to be America.

    We have a hard time understanding why someone who comes from a Country which is torn by wars, drugs, violence and dictatorship or lacks human rights and suppresses the rights of Women… would want to bring those evils with them and force them into our American Country.

    Many of us Americans are fighting back to keep our Country free of the evils of the Countries which people are escaping from. It makes no sense to escape Afghanistan or Ecuador or even Mexico because one doesn’t like the violence, drugs or controls and laws only to break Americas laws, and then fight to install the very things they escaped their own homelands for.
    America welcomes immigrants who come with respect and want to better their lives. We do not want to open our homeland to criminals or to those who commit criminal acts to enter. Come with your paperwork in hand, come with your love and desire to embrace America’s laws and you shall find a Country that will provide you with the opportunity to grow and prosper on your own back, not the backs of the American people.

    We’re America… the land started by immigrants who escaped their homelands and made the rules and laws for the people, NOT like the old homelands. That is why our America was a place of FREEDOM.

    Now, my grandfather escaped Norway to come to America and he did not protest America’s laws, he embraced them and in return… he built a life and a family. He did not come to America protesting its laws or rules or making demands that America support him and give him everything to meet his needs. He along with my other grandparents from Germany came to America to better themselves and support their new Country. Which all immigrants should do.

    So, stop your nastiness and bashing of the America’s President. Canada herself will not permit immigrants to enter her land and protest and make demands against her laws, as they do here in America and neither will Mexico… so tell us why America should allow it?

    1. Dear Mr. Middle Class American. So I finally managed to haul you out of hiding again.
      Now, as usual you stray from the topic at hand. This is a technique I have seen being used by other republicans, but let it be as it may. You fail to let us know what kind of laws were protested under these latest mass shootings? America was one of my favorite countries to look up to - just like it may have been for your ancestors. But make no mistake, Moscow-Mitch and your despicable moron of a president have changed America, endorsed by about a third of the American population. Democratic values and principles of a democratic government has long since been thrown into the dumpster. And Mr., strangely the American majority and the leaders of the free world can all see where America is headed. But you are too indoctrinated to understand that your beautiful country is going to the pits. And that is very, very sad. You are right for a change, when you say that people came to America to live a free life and have a better future, yet you will deny the same right to people coming to the U.S. today. Let alone that those first immigrants slaughtered thousands of indigenous people in the country they invaded.

      Canada does not deny refugees to come to the country. We are taking in refugees from Syria and many countries where war, violence and persecution are daily ingredients in people's life.

      It is most amazing to read about your perception that refugees knocking at the American door are bringing violence and drugs with them. More amazing it is when your statement comes after the morning when 2 domestic right-wing US-citizen terrorists are shooting innocent Americans because they think they have to do this to "help" the orange moron in the White House, because he has publicly encouraged likewise dumb idiots to act up against minorities. I have daily extended contact with Americans coming here to Canada. All of them have expressed their abhorrence with the state of things in their country.

      FREEDOM can only be had if you also respect the same right for other people than yourself. Here in Canada, we have freedom. We respect other people's right as long as they respect base values our democratic government is built upon.

    2. Ah, Mr. Middle Class American. Your words/ideology seem to be borrowed from the mouth of that sicko who calls himself "President", you know the guy or draft dodger who escaped his Vietnam duty by claiming he had heel spurs and, yet, claims to be the most competent commander-in-chief America ever had, and fires everyone including high ranking army generals who dare to speak up. Get real, man, don't you see America's Civil War has started and will escalate the nearer we get to election time and the longer this orange coloured bimbo is at the helm? I love America and its people and feel sorry for those who have given in to manipulation by # 45 and Co. Have a look and see what the rest of the world is thinking of your "leader". Haven't you noticed that America's allies have started to refuse to put out the fires that America is starting?

  4. Absolutely Peter,and with the help of Moscow Mitch,NRA,KKK,and the bible thumping Republican party........haven't we done a great job ! However I take note that our allies are finally telling the moron that he can go it alone when it comes to the Middle East,China,Russia and North Korea.Wake Up Amerika !!


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