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Monday, March 4, 2019

I Am Still Baffled About This

Never think you know the weather in Canada. 

Yesterday we had the most fantastic day with a heat wave reaching 13C (55F) in the sun, which brought us out with the coffee mugs, today we are watching a blizzard unfold. As of 10am it has aleady brought down more than 4" of snow, and it is expected to continue until early evening. All I know we might get a foot or even more of this. :-(
Not good. Doggy walk got cancelled again, but Dixie joined us in our effort to clean up the mess down at the driveway. She put herself to bed afterwards doing the only sensible thing there is: SLEEPING.


  1. Sure gotta love when you get a heat wave for a few hours, before yet another blizzard.

  2. Just a few more weeks and you should be into the warmer spring weather. We're not coming back to Maine until you tell me the coast is clear.

  3. Sure looks like what we are suffering in Okla.!!! Below zero for lows and highs in the low 20's the last few days and supposed to be 70 or more on Thursday!! No wonder our systems are so mixed up!!


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